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Laboratory Services 

Utilizing both in-house and out-source laboratories we are able to provide an array of diagnostic services, primarily focusing on milk quality and calf health.

  • Individual Milk Culture
  • Bulk Tank Culture
  • Bedding, Towel, Water and other environmental cultures
  • Serum Total Protein
  • Large Animal Profile
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Fecal Parasite Evaluation

Providing Exceptional Veterinary Care

The Alexandria Veterinary Clinic PetCare Center has a staff of four doctors and an exceptional support staff of certified veterinary technicians, client service representatives, and groomers. Health care at the clinic ranges from preventative medicine to critical care. Our veterinarians have more than 100 years of combined veterinary experience to help you with your special pet. We offer state of the art technology including laser surgery.

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