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Grooming & Self-Serve Dog Wash


It's more than just a haircut! Our on-staff groomer takes special pride in making your pet look their best. Whether it's for medical reasons or cosmetic appearance, you'll find our grooming services top notch. Some of our services include a complete brush-out, haircut, bath, blow dry, final trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, and more...from head to toe and tip to tail!



Self-Serve Dog Wash

If you enjoy bathing your dog yourself but don't have the place try our Self Serve Dog Wash.

The Dog Wash is open Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 8 am to 11:00 am




Call Four Paws Lodge at 320-762-0327 for more information.

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Providing Exceptional Veterinary Care

The Alexandria Veterinary Clinic PetCare Center has a staff of four doctors and an exceptional support staff of certified veterinary technicians, client service representatives, and groomers. Health care at the clinic ranges from preventative medicine to critical care. Our veterinarians have more than 100 years of combined veterinary experience to help you with your special pet. We offer state of the art technology including laser surgery.

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