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In House Lab

It can be very difficult to reach a medical diagnosis from clinical (outward) signs only. A diagnosis should come from a combination of a detailed medical history, careful physical examination and diagnostic tests.

We have strived over the years to develop a state of the art in-house lab. Having the ability to get same day results is very important for critical cases and for pre-surgical screening. For most tests we can take a sample and within a few hours have results and a treatment plan underway. 
For surgery cases the patient is dropped off in the morning, a blood sample is taken, tests are run and if the test results are within normal ranges, surgery can be started.

We have an Automated Hematology system, and a Chemistry & Electrolyte analyzer. We will continue to use commercial labs for some of our testing, but feel that our in-house lab helps us make a more timely diagnosis so we can provide faster treatment to the patient.




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Providing Exceptional Veterinary Care

The Alexandria Veterinary Clinic PetCare Center has a staff of four doctors and an exceptional support staff of certified veterinary technicians, client service representatives, and groomers. Health care at the clinic ranges from preventative medicine to critical care. Our veterinarians have more than 100 years of combined veterinary experience to help you with your special pet. We offer state of the art technology including laser surgery.

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